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FOX Business
Mar 28, 2013 3:00pm EDT
. liz: new hampshire and vermont. a lot of these in oakland and berkeley. also a professorial car. >> it is. a lot of college professors and engineers, doctors. liz: a different style of follow because that was always what the professor dr. karp. >> it is. we get a lot of cross sales with volvo. liz: this is available in the fourth quarter. >> the fourth quarter of this year. >> who would love to. thank you. liz: i love it. not going to miss that color. thank you very much. sure your bracelet. what is this? this gets you in? >> this is our goal and objective. we put this down every year. a little bracelet. it's a says, there are two years. our fiscal year. more spending. liz: showed. >> great expectations because that was our key for this year, great expectations. and then for this year our theme is break a leg, so we're trying to break away from the competition. liz: that is so oregon. liz: this is our year. subaru president and ceo of. we're 34 minutes to go year. finally opened in cyprus after a week filled with more delays. all the regulations putting citizens on edge. they have been
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1